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What is the Medical Countermeasures Directorate?

The Medical Countermeasures Directorate (MCM) in FHP&R ensures that only the safest and most effective medical countermeasures are available to Warfighters to allow them to survive and operate successfully in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and/or Nuclear (CBRN) environments.

Additionally, MCM authors and recommends plans and policies to prevent death or disease from existing and emerging CBRN threats. These plans and policies begin with the ongoing immunization of U.S. forces and other mission-critical employees against biological threats (i.e. anthrax and smallpox) but also include identification, diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of current, emerging and future CBRN threats. MCM also develops policies for the optimal management, treatment, prophylaxis and consequence management stemming from exposure to CBRN threat agents.

Photo Credit: DoD Released