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Channel Crab was originally planned as a live agent test, using both CS and sarin, to determine the effectiveness of CW agents in the sea-land interface in temperate fog.1 It was originally prioritized as 10th of 16 planned FY 68 tests in September 1966.2 There is no further mention of the test in later DTC reports. However, in April 1972, this same test objective was listed in official documentation as satisfied by Study 71-112 and Test 69-33, Phase I.3,4The test is therefore presumed to have been cancelled.


1 Supplement 2 to the Outline Plans for Testing in FY 68, Jan 67, p. 17.
2 Summary Report of Fifth Annual Deseret Test Center Planning Conference, 23 Sep 66, pp. 4, 10-11.
3 Report of the Tenth Annual DTC CINCS/Services Coordination Conference, 18-19 Apr 72, pp. III-2 and III-3.
4 DHSD investigators previously determined reported that DTC Test 69-33 was cancelled. Interview of the test's test officer on 19 March 2003 revealed that a "shake-out" cruise was conducted for that test off the coast of Eureka, CA in November 1969. With President Nixon's renunciation of the US biological weapons program on 25 November 1969, the test was suspended and no formal test report was published. This reference to Test 69-33, Phase I is to unpublished notes.