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DTC Test 70-30 was designed to gather data on the effect of sunlight on the aerosolized lifespan and infectivity of selected biological agents.1 The test designers planned to use the biological agents Francisella tualrensis2 (in both wet and dry forms), Coxiella burnetii3 (wet) and Staphyococcal enterotoxin B4 (dry) and the biological simulants Serratia marcescens, Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilus var. niger (Bacillus globigii).5 On November 25, 1969, President Nixon renounced the use of biological weapons and limited research to purely defensive measures. The July 1970 report of joint operational activities recorded the test's status as deferred.6 This same status was reported in the March 1971 Deseret Test Center Annual Report of Joint Operational Activities.7 At the same time, the FY 72 Program Plan did not list the test or provide a projected funding stream even though it did provide such information for other biological program tests.8 Discussions at the annual joint planning conference three months later also did not mention DTC Test 70-30, but did announce the addition of Test 73-30 to the FY 73 schedule.9 DTC Test 73-30, a technical investigation10, was added in response to an Army requirement and had similar objectives to DTC Test 70-30.11 No further mention of DTC Test 70-30 is found in subsequent Deseret Test Center documentation.12 However, DTC Test 73-30 was conducted13, and together with DTC Test 70-7414 answered the Army requirement originally assigned to DTC Test 70-30.15 DTC Test 70-30 is therefore presumed to have been cancelled.


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3 Causes the disease Q fever.
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