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DTC Test 73-12 was designed in response to a Pacific Command requirement to determine the effectiveness of air delivered flame weapons, such as flame drum drops or napalm, to clear mine fields and booby traps.1 In March 1972, the test was still listed as planned for execution in FY 73 to fulfill requirement PA-10. 2 The following month, there was discussion at the annual DTC planning conference that work already being done at the US Army Mobility Equipment Research and Design Center at Fort Belvoir, VA with the CBU-55 might satisfy the requirement. 3 Less than a year later, plans for FY 75 do not mention DTC Test 73-12, but do indicate that requirement PA-10 has been satisfied by "the forthcoming MERDC CBU-55 Testing Report."4 ,5 Test 73-12 is therefore presumed to have been cancelled.


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